PAX Australia 2017 Wrapup

1 minute read

We’ve just arrived back in New Zealand on the red-eye from Melbourne to Auckland, after exhibiting GRABITY at PAX Australia - what a total blast! Probably one of the more intense weekends of our lives. Three days of non-stop gaming, chatting, and yelling - interspersed with moments of panic, and a few beers in the mix as well :) Met a ton of cool folks, including our 5 PAX Indie Showcase neighbours. It was extremely humbling to be in the company of these amazing devs:

Here are links to the 5 other games in the showcase:

A massive thanks to everyone who turned up at the Grabity booth and played a round or two with us - you guys were awesome! :D

Mo, armed for battle with 2x double shot coffees
Mo's mum came to PAX too - thanks for the amazing help!
Our first PAX players!
The booth was pumping all three days; craziness :D
Mo jumped on the Alienware stream, demoing Grabity live!
Some nail-biting moments while setting up Grabity for the Indie Showcase panel..
Everything worked out though, and the panel was awesome! :)
Steve and the GitgudTV crew playing Grabity up on stage.
Kicking back at the MegaDev after-party with a couple of refreshing beverages.