Grabity Initial Release

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Initial Release -!

Hi everyone, and welcome to Grabity’s ballistic bot brawls!

A couple of years ago we started working on Grabity as a side project. Making this game has been an amazing journey, and we are immensely proud of all the effort that went into making this initial release as solid as possible. We pushed the boundaries of what we thought we were capable of, and can’t wait to share the results with everyone! We also wish to acknowledge our beta-testers on Discord for all the feedback and encouragement that has helped us shape the game over the last couple of months! We are looking forward to growing our community even further and improving the game now that it’s live.

Our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has helped us along the way. We can’t wait to see what Grabity will shape up to be!

Grabity on Steam:

Content creators can request Steam codes via Keymailer, Creating a Keymailer account is free.


About Team Ninja Thumbs

Ninja Thumbs is a small independent game studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. We started off doing game jams, but soon realized that we wanted to take on a bigger project together. Grabity is a side project that quickly grew into a serious undertaking when we realized we had a really fun prototype on our hands!