Grabity Post-release Feedback

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Grabity Post-release Feedback

Grabity, the award winning game from Team Ninja Thumbs which has just been released on Steam, is getting fantastic reviews.

In this fast-paced, physics-based arena brawler, 2-4 players duke it out using gravity guns to turn nearby objects into lethal projectiles or makeshift shields in intense tactical throw-downs.

‘We love all the classic couch multiplayer games and we wanted to deliver that same vibe with online play too,’ said Steve Salmond, the game’s programmer.

It seems they’ve succeeded. Players on Steam are raving about it:

Grabity is a great title. It’s an arena brawler with loader mechs. Everything in it is quality, from the graphics to the tutorial, it doesn’t miss a beat.

Steam Curator (Check’n Games)

The graphics are artistic, gameplay is smooth and fun! A great game to play with friends!

Steam Curator (Hookups)

A gravity-heavy local multiplayer than I’m falling in love with.

Steam Curator (Notable Releases)

If you are on the lookout for a fun, indie fighting game then this is the game for you. The unique fighting mechanics in this game are so enjoyable.

Steam Review (InfinityDude88)

The developers are committed to making this game the best it can possibly be for the community. They have been listening and working with the community and their feedback, to make what is honestly one of the best brawlers I have played in quite a while.

Steam Review (da stealth)

“After all the hard work on Grabity, its awesome to get this kind of feedback,” said Moritz Schlitter, Team Ninja Thumb’s artist and animator. “Its cool that so many players seem to love it.”

Grabity has already won high praise from the experts, winning the 2016 Kiwi Game Starter competition, was selected for the 2017 PAX Aus Indie Showcase, and was a finalist in the 2017 Chromacon Art Awards and the 2017 Play by Play Awards. The game has already been translated into five languages – French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and te reo Māori.